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I got tagged by EnotRobin ! Thank you! Heart Love 

Rules: Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

Star Sign: Pisces Pisces Emoji 

Name: Angelbellator / Feli (my real name)

Average hours of sleep: 7 hours approximately

Last thing googled: Doridosim (it's a manhwa)

Favorite fictional character(s): god, it's hard I like a lot of characters but if I had to choose I'd pick Percy Jackson, Neil Josten (All for the game series), Andrew Minyard (AFTG) and Lance (Voltron) 32 

Live Action: Iron Man, Lemonade mouth (it was awesome nobody can convince me otherwise)

Animated: How to train your dragon, Spirit Spirit3  and How to train your dragon again Toothless 

Current attire: high-waist jeans, a mango t-shirt and black converse sneakers :D

When did you start this account?: more than two years? I didn't post anything for a year and came back in 2016

Number of watchers: 151

What do you post?: fanart of series, books, etc. Mostly Miraculous ladybug, All for the game and Voltron

Do you get a lot of comments: Not much actually

Why did you choose the username: GOSH WHERE DO I BEGIN you just have to know that when I was 13 I liked angel-related literature

I tag (if you want): ElieKnif Maruvie TrashySilvCheek and Frappuchii 
Hello! Since I have a lot of free time and poor art inspiration lately, I thought about making commissions. I decided to make it through the Donation Pool, because it's a faster and more beneficial way to do the whole process than with the Commissions widget.

  • Info
The images are supposed to be mostly about Miraculous ocs but it can also be about the official Tv show characters.

The quality of the piece depends on the images to use (I always look for the reference or pose I need, and from that image, search the picture with more quality I can find).
If you want a base image or pose you want me to edit, just tell me.

If it's an oc, I'd need some references to make the edit.

It usually takes no more than a couple of days to finish one piece.

  • The payment
All details are clarified through messages. You ask for the commission through message, and I will answer you as fast as I can.
I start to make the commission right after accepting it and alert when I finish. Only then the points are transferred to donation, and I will upload the piece to deviantart and send a message with the link of the image.

  • Prices
 Character portrait Points 200 (1 person)
Zhao Xiong Miraculous OC by AngelBellator Solar Phoenix [OC Commission] by AngelBellator

Half body Points 230
 (1 character)

Masque Noir et Cygne - Miraculous Ocs by AngelBellator

Full body Points 270 (1 character)
Bee Miraculous Holder by AngelBellator


I DO NOT work with texts or descriptions, only reference images
(the clearer the images, the easier it is to edit)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
Today I found a post on Tumblr about deviantart that I thought you should know about.

In it is said that, as stipulated in the "agreement" of Deviantart we all accept when we sign up, everything -photos, videos, music- belongs to DA. Including the names of artists.

What does this means? DA has the right to sale, use or manipulate everything we create and submit.

I recommend you to read the full post here:…

Some of you already knew, but many do not. There are already many artists who consider closing their deviantart accounts , or have already done so.